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By Contributors: Gail Wurtele, Karen Johnson, Leonard Hoskins
Our contributors to this blog have a passion for the area's history and want to share their passion with others interested in learning more about years gone by.
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By Contributor Len Hoskins
March 7, 2013 12:01 a.m.

by len hoskin
I can remember watching tv for the first time..CARLISLE TV, next door east of KNOLLS OLD COUNTRY STORE on main street where the National Bank now stands on10th and central ave. he had it in the front window and people on saturday nights would stand on the sidewalk a nd watch this thing call Television..All city stores were open ntil 9 pm and saturday nights and the streets were filled, as everybody did their shopping at that time late 40's and very early 50's. Knolls ran by brother emil and a young son named Paul Knoll..If they didnt have it you didnt need it..their Green River drinks were great..nice soda fountain..guys would sit at the bar and have a little heavier type drink and pickled pigs feet..including my dad, Leonard Sr and grandpa Alanzo Hoskins. Everythig you could imagine were in the store.

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