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By Contributors: Gail Wurtele, Karen Johnson, Leonard Hoskins
Our contributors to this blog have a passion for the area's history and want to share their passion with others interested in learning more about years gone by.
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By Contributor Len Hoskins
March 4, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Our senior year we were fortunate to have four students from the Nebraska School for Visually Handicap join us.  Max Aguliar was the one i remember most..that opened our eyes to anew world and they taught many of us Braille writing ...later on i helped coach wrestling under the leadership of Roger Davis at NSVH...campus was never closed and many of us got to enjoy the Maid-Rite cafe.just a half block west of school on 9th st. ..Bouys enjoyed football, basketball and track, while the girls under the leadership of Mary Ellen Slck had only volleyball as a sport..AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DIFFERENT IT IS NOW IN HIGh SCHOOL SPORTS
LOOKING BACK  at some of the greats in NCHS sports.. in late 40's, 50's thru 70's: the Thiesfeld brothers, Dean and Bob, Dan Joiner, Bob Hoback,Cecil McKnight , Hans Gosch, the Gittinger boys Marv and Mel, Marv and Dan Zimmerman, Del Broers, Mark Cordell ...the Porters. grandpa, then dad Mort,then Budge who suffered a career ending spine injury at Nebraska and then Scott, finishing his career with the Huskers...There were just so many before these and so many more while i was writin g sports...Basketball under Coach Smith and his state basketball team..the three Lyone boys, Jim Herman..sprinter George Peterson and so many more whose names escape me...sorry for those whose names i failed to mention..I tip my hat to each and every former Pioneer and St Bernards and Lourdes coach and athlete..Amnd the list goes on and on.

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