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By Contributor Len Hoskins
Feb. 25, 2013 12:01 a.m.

by len hoskins
JUNIOR HIGH AND SENIOR HIGH...THESE TWO SCHOOLS WERE IMMEDIATELY ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER ON SOUTH 9TH STREET.. THE WEST BUILDING was the original High School and the building east was junior high..they were then switched over across 9th Street. STUDENTS HAD TO SWTICH FROM ONE BUILDING TO THE OTHER..The sports gymnasium was in the east build and way too small for a big crowd.
....... THE NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL IS A BIG BEAUTIFUL BUILDING AND IT TAKES UP THE ROOM WHERE THE OLD JR HIGH SAT..then it was destroyed and a new Safeway Grocery store built in its place...then came the IGA store and it too was torn down..The new Middle school expanded west to the Steinhart Morton LIbrary and South to cross second corso which had to be close to expand the current building.
................At one time my family lived a 917 Second corso...Music Director Amelia Peterson would come out the side door the the old Junior High and come over to take our two children, Jodi and Randy and take them over the the school for the teachers to enjoy..Now the new school sits on the site of all the homes that faced north on second corso on the south side of second corso.
........SENIOR HIGH..now a fantastic school located on the south side of Arbor Lodge...has been expanded and a new artificial football field in place..It is also close to the former Porter Orchard (formerly owned the the longtime Porter family) and the huge lodge located just to the southwest of the new school .

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