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By Contributor Len Hoskins
Feb. 21, 2013 12:01 a.m.

by len hoskins
14TH STREET ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- between 14th and 15th St on First corso...Again a K-6 building, where i attended 4-5-6 grades..
...........South of the building was the underground dressing rooms for football and track games and meets..The original Hayward Park football field and track sat south of that
.........Not only was the track used for NC high school football and track, it was used for 6-man football playoff field, a number of horse shows and the Nebraska City Centennial 1954 pageant was held there for a week to sellout crowds..In 1952 it was also the site of the 5th Army headquarters while the troops were stationed here to fight the huge 1952 Missouri River flood.
.....Later when the Applejack festival began, championship football games between high schools and later games involving Peru State College and their opponents were held here during the Applejack weekend...also following World War II, the annual Army-Navy football game was held on Thanksgiving with many veterans taking part in the (fun) game...below that between 3rd Corso and 4th Corso was a baseball field used for many teams practices and kids baseball games were held there everyday until dark,when it was time for all the neighborhood kids to go home for evening meals
NORTHSIDE SCHOOL..the building was a circular building..the style of the day and our four kids went to school there as did many kids who lived in the north end of town..A few years ago the 10-20 year old building was abanonded as it was ruled unsafe and the new Elementary school built just to the northwest where Gibbs construction had a cornfield immediately behind our house on north 10th street running the whole area now from the road north

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