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Native Americans in Nebraska City
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By Contributors: Gail Wurtele, Karen Johnson, Leonard Hoskins
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Len Hoskins
Len Hoskins
By Contributor Len Hoskins
Jan. 26, 2013 12:01 a.m.

by len hoskins
...DID YOU KNOW..prior to 1884 about 300 indians from the Otoe, Pawnee and Omaha indian tribes lived in nebraska city..their leader was Chief Ah-ka-ke-tah...they lived a long south table creek from what would now be 3rd street to 14th st on south table creek...the chief was a very intelligent man..he often asked neighbors for food for his tribe who were near starving...that would make it east of NC utilites office,under the overhead on 11th street..all the way to 14th st

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