What's unilateral training, and what can it do for you? Get the scoop here.

I first got serious about unilateral trainingthat is, working with one arm or leg at a timelast year, after ankle surgery took my right leg out of commission for three months.

During that period I was determined to do everything possible not to gain fat or get out of shape. So twice a week when my husband drove me to the gym, I did everything a person with one working lower limb could do: leg presses, knee extensions, knee curls and so onwith my left leg only.

That might sound pointless. Youd think that the functional leg or arm would get disproportionately strong while the injured one got weaker. Not so: Exercising a single limb actually helps its twin. And it turns out there are good reasons to work one leg or arm at a time, even if neither one is injured. Lets look at what unilateral training can do for you. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.
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