Otoe County deputies searched an Otoe residence at 4 a.m. Wednesday resulting in four arrests on drug charges.

Deputies report finding evidence indicating an intent to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine.

The Otoe County Sheriff's Office arrested four Otoe residents Jan. 9 for suspicion of intent to distribute controlled substances.

Chief Deputy Mike Holland said deputies found marijuana and methamphetamine in a residence on the 400 block of Fourth Street.
Harold Stubbendick, 49, and Benita Thummel, 51, were arrested for possession and distribution charges.

Nebraska City residents who had been staying at the house, William Parrott, 42; and Lonisha Sterling, 26; were also arrested.

Deputy Holland said both methamphetamine and marijuana were found in the house.

Deputies and Nebraska City police served a search warrant at the residence around 4 a.m.

Holland said evidence indicating possession and distribution of controlled substances was found throughout the house.

He said the search warrant was a result of a sheriff's office investigation.