A 54-year-old Nebraska City father set his house on fire Jan. 5 because he did not want his adult son living there any longer, according to a Nebraska State Fire Marshal's report.

The report indicates that his son was in the house when the fire was started, but there were no injuries. Firefighters estimated $95,000 damage.

A Nebraska City man is scheduled for a Feb. 4 preliminary hearing in Otoe County Court on allegations that he set his house on fire because he did not want his adult son living there.

Firefighters say as they arrived at 5655 H Road on Saturday afternoon Rex D. Peterson Sr., 54, told them to let the house burn.

Fire Chief Alan Viox said it appeared the majority of the fire was in the southwest room on the main floor of the house, but it had spread to the hallway, living room and was going up the stairs.

Six units and 29 firefighters responded and Dunbar provided mutual aid before the fire was extinguished. Damage is estimated at $95,000.

Court records indicate that Peterson and a sister own the house and Peterson's son, Rex D. Peterson Jr., had been living there. Peterson Sr. lives at another residence in the vicinity.

A State Fire Marshal investigator told the court that Peterson Sr. poured gasoline throughout the house and ignited paper towels.

The investigator said Peterson told him that he did not want his son living at the residence any longer.

The investigator said Peterson Jr. and Cassidy R. Elson were present in the house when the fire started.

There were no injuries reported, but extensive fire and soot damage is reported to the house's contents.