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Senior High memories include broken leg
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Jan. 3, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Senior High..located just east of the junior high on the east side of Ninth Street.miss Pete also taught all the high school music and had talent contests every Spring.Other notable teachers wereFlorence (Mom)Barta, journalism where i got my start and encouragement; Art ( Pop) Majors science and chemistry; Dale Harding, History and football coach; Bill Vacek, shop-basketball coach; Corrine Gilbert Gilligan, English; Bill Abernathy, bookkeeping and Distributive Education; Miss Albers, English...Thew street was wide open for years until inn 1952 my cousin, Jeanette Williamson, was crossing from one building to another and got hit by a car speeding thru and she suffered a badly broken leg...After that ropes were put across to stop traffic from driving thru duri g school hours.

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