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Fond memories of Junior High Teacher "Miss Pete"
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Dec. 27, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Junior High-- the old junior high was located on thew west side of the street on 9th street between first and third corso..7th ands 8th grades.. a new beginng...several of th e teachers were Mrs Bremer, math; Miss Whitten, History; coach Byers, shop; Miss Peterson, known to all as MIss Pete, Music. so beloved by all her students for years, until she retired and moved to York. She passed away in York and so many students attended her funeral and had a great day honoring her...she had pictures of most every student she ever taught..I still treasure the picture of her that i have from Neb City.. when our first two were old enough. Miss Pete would come across the street to our home and take them over to junior high to show off to every teacher. I became caretaker of all her yearbooks from Neb city when she retired and i donated them to the Alumni Association. she also handled all the high school music and every year had an alumni gatherings at the annual Christmas Vespers.

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