Mother of three shares five simple tips to showcase kids creative projects

With three boys under age 7, Heather Mann may be short on time, but one thing she isnt lacking is kids artwork.

Since my older two boys are in school, they each bring home two or three pieces of art per day, says Mann, 35, of Salem, Ore. In addition, we make art and crafts at home, so we are looking at a lot of childrens art.

Mann has plenty of ideas for using her kids avalanche of creative projects. Her favorite is a custom gallery hanger she made by personalizing an old wooden pants hanger. Its easy enough for anyone to do, but chic enough to fit in with any decor, and you can switch artwork out whenever you want, she says.

Here are more ways to display or share your childs masterpieces.

Fasten a corkboard border around your childs bedroom, the kitchen or the mudroom walls and attach your childs art to it.
Use clothespins to attach artwork to ribbon or picture wire strung above kitchen windows.
Enroll grandparents and other loved ones into your own Art of the Month Club, and share a new piece each month.
Use large paintings as one-of-a-kind gift wrap or book covers. Turn small pieces into stationery, cutting the pictures into different shapes and gluing them mosaic-style onto plain cardstock.
Scan artwork into your computer and create a public gallery for relatives to view.

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