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Selling newspapers at bars was profitable
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Dec. 13, 2012 9:17 a.m.

Let me introduce myself.LEONARD HOSKINS....a native of Nebraska City..born and raised here in Nebraska City..My parents were Leonard and Marjorie Hoskins...My grandparents were Mr and Mrs John (Cora) Cordell, also of the city and Mr and Mrs A.L. (Daisy) Hoskins, who owned the Hoskins Market on west 4th Corso for so many years..where i worked for many years. My other grandparents were Elmer and Nettie (vanTine) Miller of the Union area.
I lived with my grandparents Mr and Mrs John Cordell during World WAR II, as my mom, her sisters and uncle worked at Otoe Foods Canning Factory.
My grandparents lived in various houses in the city during that time..they also raised my cousins, Bill, Bonnie and Kenneth Waller, my moms sisters three
I am deeply indebted to the Nebraska city News-Press staff for giving me this opportunity to return to writing in a place where in spent over half of my newspaper career..right here in Nebraska city...A lot of you may not know about me...a 1954 graduate of Nebraska City High school...I began as a newspaper carrier for a number of years..first assisting Martin Gardner on his route west central ave from 15th st to 22nd street and bck down and back down First and second Corso to 14th street. I then took over the main street route--Central ave from 15th street east down to the Green ice cream plant s and th railroad depot on the east end of the city..running both sides of the street, including all the apartment buildings, a total of 122 papers daily..At this time we collected weekly from our customers to pay for our papers..Often times on saturday 9 to 11 pm late night deliveries i would tell our circulation manager i was short of papers..then i would sell them in the bars i delivered and made good extra money for those. Loved the job of collecting for my papers..got lots of special stuff on the holidays. I would always stop at the Lowrey Milk and ice cream shop on west 9th street for special ice cream flavors. Saw lots of things in the various apartment buildings you wouldnt believe.

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