The Biggest Loser champ Pete Thomas shares his fitness secrets for lasting weight loss.

In his new book, Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever, Pete Thomas, who beat out nine of his eliminated cast mates to be crowned season 2 at home winner of NBCs The Biggest Loser shares how he shed 185 pounds. After his win, Thomas went on to become a personal trainer and currently helps clients get fit in Ann Arbor, Mich. His book unveils how you can achieve forever weight-loss success of your own by following his advice.

Dont work out to lose weight. It may sound crazy, but Weight loss is a dumb goal, Thomas says. Everyone achieves it, but so often they turn around and gain it all back. Instead, establish a goal for life-long health versus binging on exercise fads and attempting crash diets. The thinking should be, I will achieve a healthy weight and maintain it for the rest of my life, he adds.
Find your perfect workout. While I think its very important to have variety in your workout, it is essential to find one that you love doing. For me, its going on a run. I know some people who do exercise videos every day. The same goes for the time of day you work out. I ask my clients, When can you work out consistently? That answer is your workout time. By finding a system that is right for you, you will achieve success.
Adopt a mantra. Every morning, Thomas repeats this feel-good sentence: I feel sexy, strong and great, as I maintain my weight at or around 238. This personal success statement helps him renew his mind each morning, and he encourages his clients to create their own to repeat every day. Often when we struggle with weight or self image, its easy to think we cant overcome our situation. Having a personal success statement that reflects your life goal, is set in the present tense, and is personal to you, will help you start every day focused on the positive.
Dont go it alone. Its amazing how people will come alongside us and show us support when we share our goals with friends and family, Thomas says. Gathering great teammates keeps us accountable and more likely to stick to our plan. So whether you find a running buddy at the office or join a boot camp class, teamwork can make the difference.
Invest in good shoes. One of the worst possible things is to be knocked off track because you got a foot or knee injury due to improper footwear, Thomas says. Your feet are the foundation of your body, so I always tell my clients to check their shoes if they experience pain during workouts. My rule is, never buy your shoes from the same place you buy your childs diapers. Instead, Thomas recommends visiting a specialty running store, where fit pros can determine the perfect pair for your feet and fitness goals.