Sick Pet Questions, Expert Answers

My aging Boston terrier has a hard time getting up after lying on the floor. I know Petey wonĘ╠t be with me forever, but I want him to be comfortable in the time he has left. Suggestions?Ę█JoAn Sturber, reads Spry in the Eastern Arizona Courier, Safford, Ariz.
It sounds like your pup might have arthritis. We have many good options for alleviating arthritis pain, from medications and supplements to acupuncture. Talk with your veterinarian about trying some of these things. And for your little BostonĘ╠s sake, the sooner the better.

My Lab, Yogi, had a bladder infection. How can I avoid this in the future?Ę█Jerri Ohlsson, reads Spry in the North Star Journal, Rhinelander, Wis.
The best way to keep a bladder infection from recurring is to find out what caused it in the first place. This involves abdominal ultrasound to rule out prostate disease, bladder stones or growths as well as checking for hormonal imbalances that might predispose him to infection. Typically such testing is performed once a dog has proven himself to be a repeat offender. If this is your LabĘ╠s first infection, start with follow-up urine testing to be sure that the infection has not returned.

I have a Chihuahua rescue dog, Petee, who weighs about nine lbs. and loves steamed broccoli. How much should a dog his size eat, and is it good for him? Ę█Gracie Lomonico, reads Spry in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, East Covina, Calif.
First, kudos for taking on a rescue dog! ItĘ╠s fine to feed Petee (and for that matter, Petey!) broccoli and other veggies. As for how much, keep an eye on PeteeĘ╠s weight. If nine pounds looks good on him, feed him just enough to maintain his figure.

Dr. Nancy Kay is a veterinarian and author of Speaking For Spot,