Ren Hicks offers this advice for individuals who are fighting cancer and the survivors:

Be a proactive. Get involved in decisions concerning your treatment. Be willing to fight for your life. You need to feel that you have power over something that makes you feel powerless. Cancer can make you feel helpless, and you cant survive if youre feeling helpless.
Accept the new you. Whether its a mastectomy, the loss of a lung or uterus, become the new body. Whatever that new body is, youre going to have to come to grips with it. Its not going to be easy, but you have to say, Im not the same person. Im not less of a person. Im just a new me.
Stay active. Exercise isnt just a physical thing. Its a mental thing as well. It gives you time to reflect while youre in motion rather than just sitting around. When youre moving, youre living.
Connect with life. Notice the flowers. Notice the cloud patterns in the sky. Notice the trees and the breeze. Notice colors and sunrises. That will keep you connected to life and living and the beauty of life.
Laugh. Find something that makes you laugh. Maybe its watching a funny movie. Laughter wont cure cancer, but it gives you hope and a moment when you can just let go. Once you laugh, youll want to do it some more.