Expert advice on how to conquer emotional eating during the holidays.

Q:How can I protect myself from emotional eating during the holidays? A:If you think the only way you can calm down is by eating, first ask yourself what other people without a weight problem do when theyre upset. Usually, such people do one of five things: They tolerate the negative feeling because theyknow it will eventually go away. They correct any unrealistic thinking that led tothe distress in the first place. They solve the underlying problem thats causingthem to be distressed. They call a friend, take a walk, soak in a hot bath orsoothe themselves in another way. They distract themselves.   If you often tell yourself, Im upset, so I deserve to eat, remind yourself that using food to feel better will in the end only make you feel worse. Remind yourself that you do deserve to feel better, but you dont deserve to gain weight, so its important to figure out a way to feel better without turning to food. Psychologist, expert and author of The Beck Diet Solutions, Dr. Judith Beck Get more answers from the experts. Brought to you by: Spry Living