Election Commissioner Janene Bennett's plan to decide a seat on the Otoe Village Board by drawing cards Thursday was forestalled when no one showed up at the ballot recount.

The board had three vacancies, but no declared candidates, so voters wrote in a total of 37 names. Mike Cardinal and Ron Stachura were each written-in 10 times.

Bennett said she will try to determine if the men intend to deny election.

   The third seat on the Otoe Village Board remains undecided after a recount Thursday because there were no candidates to draw cards and break a tie.

   Otoe has three vacancies on the board, but no declared candidates. Voters cast 121 votes for board members in the Nov. 6 general election and wrote in 37 different names.

   The top vote getters, Ralph Edwards and Peggy Boldt, will receive certificate of election, but Election Commissioner Janene Bennett said they still may decline election.

   The third seat ended in a tie with Mike Cardinal and Ron Stachura each receiving 10 votes.

   Bennett had invited Cardinal and Stachura to attend a recount Thursday.

   Election workers visually inspected the ballots, including three ballots that were rejected because had names written-in but the ovals were not filled. There were 15 ballots where no vote was made.

   After the recount, Cardinal and Stachura remain tied.

   Bennett had planned to draw cards, with the high card winning the election. Since neither candidate attended, Bennett said she will try to determine if either intends to deny election.

  If both deny election, the village board will have authority to appoint someone to fill the third seat.