Family studies professor at Ohio University says Sandusky's victims will continue to suffer from sexual abuse long after his sentencing.

Although the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky on Oct. 9 will mark the end of the legal process for him, child trauma expert Gregory Janson it will not be the end for the victims of sexual abuse.

Janson of Ohio University said many of these traumatic experiences have become a part of the victims' everyday lives.

"Despite the focus on Jerry Sandusky, we need to devote our support to his victims, and ensure that the survivors receive the help and affirmation they need," Janson, an associate professor of child and family studies, says.

"It is no small thing to step forward years after an assault took place.  You don't ever recover from something like this in the same way you might recover from a physical injury; this kind of abuse cannot be fixed or forgotten. To a great extent, trauma is trauma, and being sexually abused at, say, age 11, when a child is highly vulnerable can be as devastating and emotionally traumatizing as experiencing combat might be for an adult. Potentially worse in some cases."