Working out with a group is a great enthusiasm booster!

Ahhh, the Grapevine!  For those who don’t know what the Grapevine is, Step to your left and intertwine your feet for eight counts and end with a rhythmic hop and clap, then the same thing to the right.  No wonder everyone is afraid to the aerobics classes!  Just kidding, even I have gotten the grapevine down and if I can get it anyone can.  When you think of exercise do you think of the 1980’s; leggings, thong leotards, and high tops?
Well now go ahead 20 years and it is all called “group X”  and it works!  When it comes to fitness, the power of the group is well documented:  One review of nearly 50,000 subjects found a clear link between social support and exercise.  In a Baylor University study something surprising happened. After teaching 53 female college students a specific weight-training workout, the researchers instructed them to do it on their own three days a week for six weeks. The idea was to measure how hard they'd push themselves if left to their own devices. But they never found out: Every single person quit the study. "We wanted to watch individual efforts," explains Rafer Lutz, Ph.D., associate professor of sports and exercise psychology at Baylor University. "But without social support, the students said they didn't feel confident.”
Working out with a group is a great enthusiasm booster!  You want to keep up with the group, you are part of something exciting and you all rely on each other for support.  If you are not there, the group is not whole.  You become part of something bigger.  Find a group to workout with, and succeed!