My Bridge Radio's broadcast from a new full-power radio station has Nebraska Public Radio scrambling for solutions for its low-power signal in the southeastern edge of the state.

My Bridge Radio's new full-power station at Shubert has Nebraska Public Radio looking for a new frequency to serve the Auburn, Peru and Brownville area.

Nancy Finken, NET Radio Network manager, said NET is making application to the Federal Communications Commission for a different frequency so they will not interfere with the new station.

NET's flagship station, KUCV in Lincoln, broadcasts at 91.1 FM to areas that include Nebraska City to Falls City, but translator stations are used to provide the signal where needed.

The translator stations are low-powered and NET's translator frequency of 91.7 was recently granted to My Bridge Radio, a Christian music format station.

My Bridge Radio broadcasts in Nebraska City at 88.9.
Stan Parker, team leader with My Bridge, said the station is excited to be serving the area.

“Everything we’ve heard is that it’s an area that is under-resourced spiritually, an area that just hasn’t had access to a strong signal for Christian radio,” he said.

KROA in Grand Island is the flagship station for My Bridge Radio, which is owned by Mission Nebraska Inc. It has full-power stations at Lincoln, Beatrice, Alliance, Valentine, Overton and Sargent.

Finken said FCC rules prohibit interfering with the frequencies of full-power stations, but not translator stations. She said NET has identified an available frequency on the low-end of the FM dial and expects to resume broadcasting as soon as FCC approval is granted.

"It's important to note that the full-power station has not done anything wrong. It's just one of those Catch-22s for us because we have the low-power," Finken said.