Otoe County commissioners offered their approval Sept. 25 to a plan to add three more beds at the county jail.

Commissioner Rick Freshman said there are enough square feet in the cells and a day room to allow the beds.

Otoe County commissioners offered their approval Tuesday to add three beds to the Otoe County jail's total.

Nick Shimmel, jail administrator, said single beds in three “work release” cells could be replaced with bunk beds.

He said there is enough square footage in the area, when a day room is included, to add the beds.

 The proposal will next go to the state for approval.Shimmel said the extra beds could mean fewer prisoners held out of the county. He said it could save the county up to $155 a day.

County Commissioner Rick Freshmen said he was present when the square footage of the area was measured and said the new bunk beds may be available to the county without cost.

Shimmel said there will be some cost to install the new beds.