Boy Scouts' Seven Feathers District launches its Rock, Paper, Scissors season at the AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City.

Top prize of $150 went to Dawson Schwarzenbach, 13, of Eagle.

Dawson Schwarzenbach, 13, of Eagle prevailed Sunday at a Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament sponsored by the Cornhusker Council Boys Scouts of America. The double-elimination tournament was a first for the Boy Scout's Seven Feathers District, which includes seven counties stretching Cass County in the north and Gage and Richardson counties in the south. Schwarzenbach advanced in the tournament with a win over his sister, Madison, and said he had no strategy at the that point. After his final match against Tristan Lavin, 6, of Bellevue, he said it helps to watch the opponents' others games to see if there is a throw they favor more than the others. Lavin, who played for the Nebraska City News-Press team, said the tournament was a lot of fun. He received $50 for second place and Schwarzenbach won $150. Other competitors were Joseph Frerichs, Caton Janda, Susan Holland, Whitney Smith, Marcia Nickels, Noah Parker, Jeff Parker, Ben Devorss, Loren Steinman, Janice Parker, Sam Biaggi, Trevor Holland, Alex Seagren and Whitney Parker.