In this corner: NBCs The Voice, with four cool coaches America seems to love and a game-show of format to find the next big voice in music.

In the other corner: Simon Cowells X-Factor on Fox with some new blood in search of the next big star.
Both talent competitions duke it out for the ratings this week as both return for another run, this time going head-to-head.

Cowells panties are already in a bunch as The Voice extended its two-night premiere to three nights, adding a third night of auditions Wednesday and pitting the show directly against X-Factor.

I think its funny that Cowell is feeling the heat. Last year prior to the X-Factor debut, he touted the show would open with 20 million viewers. It managed to scrounge up only 12 million. Thats not bad for a new show, but when youre used to pulling in 30 million viewers a week on American Idol it has to be somewhat humbling.

The Voice is back for a third time, while X-Factor is back for its second season. Thats the first battle, but not the only one. You also have Cowell vs. NBC. Then, its Christina Aguilera (The Voice) vs. Britney Spears (X-Factor).

Aguilera and Spears battled it out for several years to see who was the bigger female star. Its a toss up, unless you figure in the tabloids. Ill let you decide that one.

The Voice is more playful in regard to the coaches. Aguilera, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine are all back and ready to win over audiences.

Spears and fellow new judge Demi Lovato replaced Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzlinger on X-Factor after the show didnt live up to the hype. Spears was signed to change that and Lovato begins the show with the No. 1 pop song in America, Give Your Heart A Break.

Cowell was quick to blame Abdul and Scherzlinger for the lower ratings before he fired them. That blew my mind, having watched it from the beginning. Both Abdul and Scherzlinger did a much better job with their contestants than Cowell and L.A. Reid.

My fear is that Spears will outshine Cowell, but the shows ratings again wont meet expectations and she and Lovato will be sent packing. Cowell cant handle it if someone else steals the spotlight. Um, has he never heard of Brit Brit?

I like both programs, but I have since lost interest in them for two reasons. First, neither show has produced a bonafide star. I dont like to invest so much time into something that doesnt seem to pan out for any of the finalists. Secondly, Im tired of the fanfare surrounding who is going to judge these shows. Yes, that means you, too, American Idol. I thought we were looking for people with talent, not stars who are in search of a career boost.

Just a short time ago I would have been upset trying to decide which one to watch. Thankfully, theres DVR if I cave and have to see both. But, right now its anyones fight. Ding ding.

David T. Farr is a Sturgis, Mich., Journal correspondent. Email him at You can also find The Farr Side on Facebook.