by Gail Wurtele

A cookbook at Wildwood and a noodle slicer give a glimpse of how noodle soup was made in years gone by.

From an untitled cookbook displayed at Wildwood comes the following recipe:


Noodle Soup


A soup bone cut out of thigh, boil; 3 eggs, salt and flour to mix very thick, roll very thin, let lay and dry, roll and slice very thin. Cook 10 minutes.


A pot is sitting on the cook stove in the Wildwood kitchen ready for this soup. On the work table, original to Wildwood, is a mixing bowl, bag of flour, basket for fresh eggs, a rolling pin and noodle slicer. This kitchen utensil would make noodles nice and even. Mrs. Brune O. Bruns (Gesme) was born in Germany in 1851. She came to America at age 21, possibly from Hanover. The noodle slicer was donated to Wildwood by her Granddaughter, LaVera (Bruns) Lyon in 2010.

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Another recipe from the same little old cookbook is for Bill Cookies.


Bill Cookies, and rightly they are named,


If they are gone in a jiffy no one can be blamed.


Take one cup of sugar, a half cup of lard;


Cream these together, add two eggs and beat hard,


One scant teaspoon of soda, now put in cup,


Add a mite of hot water, and now ‘twill foam up;


Sift three cups of flour and place in a bowl,


Mix smoothly and swiftly, and then neatly roll;


If the dough is too soft, a little flour add,


I’ll assure better cookies your husband ne’er had.